Sparklines in HTML5 by Ben Garvey. Sparklines were invented by Ed Tufte. Read more about what they are here. Feel free to use the JavaScript and HTML5 on this page for any use. Currently, the javascript function plots the sparkline, dots the min, max, first, and last data points, and also highlights the normal range using a gray box. Enjoy!

Update 10/4/10: I fixed an issue where the dots were being cut off by the edge of the canvas. Next up, figuring out the correct aspect ratio using the 45 degree rule.

Update 11/17/10: Took out the pre-canned sparklines and added a textarea so you can make your own. In the code I'm trying to set the scale, too, but it's currently disabled.

Update 11/21/10: Now setting the y-scale to the min and max of the data (previously it was always setting the min at zero).

This is the canvas
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