Active vs Passive Interruptions

In all work environments people have to communicate. Sometimes they are across the hall and sometimes they are across the world, but in every case someone initiates the contact and the other must decide what to do. The Initiator must first choose the method, whether it’s a phone call, text message, email, etc. What makes ...

Yard Sale Tips

I was quote in this article about yard sales. Thanks Jen!: Garvey advises that you clean and dust everything before you put it out. Interacting with your shoppers helps, too. “Be friendly! Say hello, chat them up, and they’re far more likely to buy something from you.”

People Wearing My Sunglasses

My new awesome Tumblr blog:

Log Contest Theme Song

Here’s a video of me playing the theme song at our annual family reunion log contest.

Best Season of Survivor Ever

Survivor’s 20th season was?undoubtedly?it’s best because it showed the game of Survivor is still misunderstood by most people who play it, giving people who do a huge advantage. ? This season also asked (and answered!) some great questions. Did Sandra deserve to win? I think Parvati should have won, but Sandra certainly deserved to win. ...

Your Boss Can Still See You on LinkedIn

I haven’t used LinkedIn for a while and have been bad mouthing it occasionally (I call it the social network for people who hate social networking), but lately it seems like everyone I meet through work is on there. ?I logged in and answered a few network?invitations and did a search on my own company. ...

Odd Man In Login Issues

A few of you emailed me about the login issues on Odd Man In and I’ve decided to unlink it for now on the main site until I get it fixed.

5K Results Reimagined

This graph shows and is sorted by the relative times for each runner on the left, their relative age on the right, and their gender by color. It seems to show that on average, men ran the race faster than women. This graph below is the same data, but sorted by the participants’ age. Image ...

Why You Should Try Twitter

Twitter isn’t for everyone. A lot has been written about it’s slowing growth, but part of that is because the stats don’t include 3rd party apps. Still, I think Twitter has limited appeal depending on what you want to get out of your time online. For most people, facebook does everything they’d want a social ...

Smiley Man Owen

Jeanne took this awesome picture of Owen today.