What it’s like to do the Philadelphia Broad Street Run

What it's like to do the Philadelphia Broad Street Run
Getting up at 5:30AM on a Sunday and forcing my body to run 10 grueling miles on Philadelphia’s most famous street doesn’t seem like a good idea, and yet, over 32,000 people including myself did that last weekend. What is it about the IBX Philadelphia Broad Street Run that makes it the most popular 10 ...

List of Interesting Places in 8-Bit Google Maps

List of Interesting Places in 8-Bit Google Maps
I love the new retro 8-bit Google Maps, kind of an early April Fool’s joke. Just go to Google Maps and click “start quest.” It reminds me of old school Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior. Update: My memory is failing me a little. It’s not just a tribute to Dragon Warrior. All the tile graphics ...

Review: Book a Week with Jen 1

Review: Book a Week with Jen
I’m a painfully slow reader. I can only think of a few books I’ve read in under a week and some of my favorite books took me over a year to finish (I’m looking at you Cryptonomicon). I met Jen Miller through twitter in 2007. Back then she was working on a project reviewing 52 ...

Best Things this Year (2011) 2

Best Things this Year (2011)
Here are some best things I’ve come across this year. Not all are new, or even new to me, but they kicked ass in 2011 1. Kids Dungeon Adventure – A floortop RPG for pre-school age kids and their geeky parent(s). What started out as a little game with my daughter grew into a full ...

Launched: Evidensity for Highrise

Launched:  Evidensity for Highrise
For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a new analytical dashboard tool for Highrise and it finally launches today! Read about it here. In the launch post I talk about what makes Evidensity different from other tools and my worldview on sales dashboards: Some people don’t want customizable line graphs They want actionable ...

Creating a comma separated list

For years, whenever I have to create a comma separated list from an array I have been writing code that looks vaguely like this. $first = true; foreach($arr as $m) { if ($first) { $first = false; } else { echo ","; } echo $m; } I’ve had it. There has to be a cleaner ...

Pwning Complete

Pwning Complete
I can put the AK back on the shelf now. Previously: 37 Signals Sent Me a Gift for Pwning their Leaderboard

Spam as Spoken Word Poetry

This spam I got today on our lead generation form could easily pass for spoken word poetry at an open mic night. He ran another invisible priest eyes in the sneakers from the shorts with sky – arms, sardonic cigarettes and outward clinch’s, and he a was almost stiffly of area, finally just for moment. Like i ...

37signals Sent Me a Gift for Pwning their Leaderboards

37signals Sent Me a Gift for Pwning their Leaderboards
This year I took an AK to the Answers leaderboard at 37signals, mostly answering Highrise questions. The Answers board is the best place to learn how to use Highrise because if you have a question there’s a good chance someone else has already asked it. I scoured it during our implementation in April, 2010 and ...

Rock the Animals Theme Song

Rock the Animals Theme Song
Sasha and I recorded a theme song for Rock the Animals today. Enjoy! Ben and Sasha Garvey – Rock the Animals