HOWTO: Build an Automatic Gong

I made my first post over at the RJMetrics Engineering blog about how we built an automatic gong that rings whenever we get a new client.

Show at Grooveground Friday 6/7/13 with Arcati Crisis

I’ll be playing with Arcati Crisis on Friday, 6/7/13 at Grooveground. The show starts at 8:30PM!

My Ignite Philly 11 Presentation on Data Visualization

Update: Here’s the video of my presentation Last Thursday I gave a talk on Data Visualization at Ignite Philly 11. I was nervous as hell, but the encouragement you get from that crowd is amazing. The organizers (David, Geoff and Adam) did a great job and it could not have gone smoother. Here are my ...

Media Roundup for Mandel Bulldog Budget

The reaction to the Mandel for Controller Bulldog Budget has been amazing! Here’s a list of all the places it was mentioned online. Technically Philly – “Use the coolest, most comprehensive City of Philadelphia budget visualization you’ve ever seen” Made it to story #4 on Hacker News with over 60 comments Tons of activity on ...

Philadelphia Budget Data Visualized

For the past few months I’ve been working with Brett Mandel on creating a data visualization of Philadelphia’s General budget. We used a treepmap from D3 to show expenditures categorized by department, but lets you drill down to al 217,450 expenditures.     We’re launching it today, so check it out and see what you ...

Best Things This Year (2012)

Last year I did a loosely types list of all the best things from 2011, and here’s my list for 2012. Not all are new (even to me), but they stood out in 2012. 11. Solved a Family Mystery 10. Travel – Saw some great places this year including the Alamo, Niagara Falls, a Phillies ...

World’s Tiniest Minecraft Island

Sasha and I have been playing Minecraft lately and looking out in the ocean we saw something interesting. It turned out to be the world’s tiniest island. Interesting side note about Minecraft: Each world is generated randomly and cover 9 million times the surface area of the Earth!

Friday, 10/18/12 opening for the Jersey Corn Pickers

On Friday, 10/18/12 I’ll be opening for the Jersey Corn Pickers at the Bus Stop Cafe in Pitman, NJ! I go on at 7:00PM sharp and will be play mostly originals with a few covers mixed in. I haven’t played in forever and can’t wait. See you then! Bus Stop Cafe 148 South Broadway Pitman, ...

iOS 6 Panoramas from Longwood Gardens

Last weekend we took a trip to Longwood Gardens and what better place to try out the new panorama feature in iOS 6?

Family Mystery: Solved!

In every family tree there are squirrelly branches. There are stories, legends, secrets, and it’s hard to tell what is real and what was exaggerated for the sake of a better story. For me, one of those stories was the reputed last name of my great grandfather. My father’s, mother’s father’s last name was Delpino, ...