37signals Sent Me a Gift for Pwning their Leaderboards 7

This year I took an AK to the Answers leaderboard at 37signals, mostly answering Highrise questions. The Answers board is the best place to learn how to use Highrise because if you have a question there’s a good chance someone else has already asked it. I scoured it during our implementation in April, 2010 and continued to read it in case anything new came up. In that time I started helping people out and answering questions myself and this week I cracked #3 on their leaderboard.

I cracked the #3 spot this week

I cracked the #3 spot this week

On Wednesday a packaged was delivered to my office. I wasn’t expecting anything, but it’s not unusual for me to get random samples for us to test run from customers. I opened it up to find 6 beer glasses from 37signals.

6 premium beer glasses

6 premium beer glasses

The genius move of this is not the free gift for a good customer who gives back the company he’s already paying $150/month for business software. Any company can write a algorithmic trigger for x number of questions answered gets a t-shirt, if then else, etc. and come out a winner. The best part was the note that let me know they researched enough about me to know that I brew beer and would appreciate good beer glasses.

note from 37signals

Ben - Thank you for all your hard work on 37signals' Answers page! You've been a huge help to our customers. We hope you can use these glasses for your next home brew. Thanks again from the crew at 37signals.

I love great customer appreciation stories and for once I got to be in one. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “37signals Sent Me a Gift for Pwning their Leaderboards

  1. Ankur Sep 24,2011 2:33 pm

    Wow..that’s an amazing example of customer delight! :)

  2. Jeremy Sep 24,2011 3:12 pm

    That’s pretty awesome Ben.

    37signals seems to be one of those companies that truly deserves the “customer centric” title.

  3. Justin Hunter Sep 24,2011 3:56 pm


    That is easily the coolest thing I’ve heard all week.

    Those 37 Signals guys are awesome. As an owner of a small SaaS firm, I’ve struggled with what thank you gifts would be good to send (which has been a harder question to answer than I thought it would be). The 37 Signals geniuses are a few steps ahead of us yet again. We’ll start researching online profiles, blogs, etc. to send personalized gifts now.



  4. Phoenix Sep 24,2011 5:05 pm

    This is what I call values of an entrepreneur.

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