Twitter Tip: Use Favorites as Bookmarks 1

The most neglected feature of Twitter has to be favorites. It’s not used for much and none of the clients do anything interesting with them. Unlike Facebook’s “like,” categorizing a tweet as a “favorite” seems like a big commitment and the new Retweet features seem to support the concept better anyway. So what do you do with favorites? I use them as bookmarks. Most of my tweet reading is done on my phone and there are a lot of interesting links posted that I don’t have time to read. I favorite them, allowing me to look them up at a later date. It’s a simple idea that instantly improved the value I was getting from Twitter.

Check out my twitter favorites.

One comment on “Twitter Tip: Use Favorites as Bookmarks

  1. Mikey Jan 5,2010 3:46 pm

    I think one of my particular problems is the fact that I abuse the favorites feature as a “to read” or “bookmarks” – I kind of wish they’d create a “read later” or “to read” feature that functions exactly like Favorites.

    Favorites, I’d rather keep as what I think is intended- saving the tweets I like best, usually funny ones.

    However, there’s many people and accounts out there that are pretty much link feeders, in which case I’d get a lot of use out of a “to read for later” option.

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