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Jeanne and I are huge craigslist fans and she loves scavenging through the furniture section looking for deals and fixer uppers.? We have two beautiful pieces in our dining room that she’s found that you would swear cost four times what we actually paid for them.? Of course, being in South Jersey, the furniture scene is unintentionally hilarious.? Some of the posts there are such horrific offenses to style, taste, and common sense that they must be shared with others and that’s where Jeanne’s new blog comes in:?

Here’s a example:

These chairs are an example of why regular people should not design their own furniture.? Gross!? The poor, clueless person describes the fabric as ?rich and vibrant? and ?nostalgic.?? The only way this fabric could be these things is if you?re nostalgic about your own vomit.

The blog is hilarious, so make sure you check it out especially if you’re about to post anything to south jersey craigslist furniture.

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  1. james Aug 13,2008 10:50 am

    MSLN is freaking brilliant!

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