Hand Injury

Jake has a bonfire every year at his house and what originally started as a case study in laziness turned into a family tradition. He didn’t want to haul any wood to his bonfire, so he told everyone to bring their own logs. My cousin Anna asked if she could decorate hers and rest is history. It’s now a full on competition to see who can bring the best log to the bonfire.

I got a little carried away this year. As in, carried away to the emergency room.

I don’t want to completely reveal my original log idea in case I decide to do it next year, but it involved drilling large holes. When the accident occurred I was actually working on Jeanne’s log when the drill bit slipped and cascaded nicely across my left thumb, tearing into skin, muscle, and an artery. Blood was seen and a trip to the hospital ensued.

Ten stitches later I finished my log and won the contest anyway, lobster claw and all.

Click here to see a picture of my hand after they stiched it (cell phone cameras are great for recording valuable history like this). It’s gross and that’s why I didn’t post it out in the open.

I just got the stitches out today, but it will still be a few weeks before it’s fully healed.

Update: For those that wanted to see the log, here it is. It’s a crime scene log with some of my actual blood on it.

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  1. Yikes! You didn’t show me that picture either! Is there a recent picture around here somewhere?

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