More on New CYHSY Album 2

The album is called Some Loud Thunder, which is also the name of a song they played all over their tour last year. I have a live recording of it, but I can’t find the link online anymore.

Of the two new songs, Long Song No. 7 is definitely the tougher one to get into. The sound is too big and isn’t as catchy as Underwater (You and Me) which sounds a lot like a song from singer Alec Ounsworth’s demo I got in 2003 at the Fire.

2 thoughts on “More on New CYHSY Album

  1. Brian Dec 7,2006 6:34 am

    When I first pulled up the page, I thought the title of the post was “More on the New CSNY Album.” I was thinking “I didn’t know Ben was such a big Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fan…I didn’t even know they were still recording!”

  2. ben Dec 7,2006 8:15 am

    It’s actually for the new Crosby, Yanni, Hasselhof, Stills, and Young album.

    And it’s Steve Young, not Neil Young.

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