Odd Man In with Ajax 7

I’ve been testing out a new type of interface to Odd Man In using some Javascript/CSS/DHTML trickery. Try it out using this URL in the latest game.

If you want to try it out in another game, just change one part of the url (from “&file=game” to “&file=game_ajax”). If you send a message or anything it will redirect you back to the normal page for now.

The new features include tabbed menus and a refreshing message system that alerts you if you have new messages. Let me know how it works for you guys.

7 thoughts on “Odd Man In with Ajax

  1. birq Oct 5,2006 1:52 pm

    IE6 hates it, big time.

  2. birq Oct 5,2006 2:23 pm

    Whoops, I didn’t mean to hit submit yet. I meant to add something about how badly the Cowboys are going to destroy the Eagles this weekend.

  3. ben Oct 5,2006 5:53 pm

    I haven’t looked at it in IE at all. I’ll try it now.

    Cowboys have no chance.

  4. ben Oct 5,2006 7:08 pm

    Seems to work better in IE now.

  5. Anonymous Oct 8,2006 4:49 pm

    Looks like Eagles kicked some but.

  6. mtjaws Oct 19,2006 6:06 am

    I don’t like the Ajax version at all. Primarily because all the pertinent info is not on the same page/tab. I like the idea of reloaded the messages without reloading the entire page/shot chart, but having things seperated is not an improvement.

  7. ben Oct 19,2006 10:07 pm

    mtjaws, the benefit is that it’s all there loaded in the browser so there is no waiting time between clicking. I can see how some people would like everything in one page, though (I did originally).

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